I don’t know why I’m only now noticing Ryan Gosling. While in the states, The BF and I went to go see “Crazy Stupid Love” at the movies, Steve Carell funny as always. Then there were commercials for “The Ides of March” and “Drive” and I kept thinking: is that that same guy from the other movie? Where have I heard of him before? Now I remember: here.

And I don’t remember what it was, oh, wait. Yes I do. It was this clip of Ryan Gosling feeding an apple to his dog when I remembered how I used to really dislike Ryan Gosling, not for any particular reason, only that people (little girls) kept raving about “The Notebook” and I most certainly was not going to see “The Notebook” until I finally gave in and saw “The Notebook” and HOLY SHIT, I LOOOOOOOVE RYAN GOSLING.

That kissing scene in the rain. You cannot finish watching that movie with your virginity intact. Not possible.

Almost all of the work he has done since “The Notebook” has deepened that love. He’s hot, pure sex even, but he’s also… strange. Sometimes he looks like his great grandfather from Hoboken dressed him, but he doesn’t care. And it’s that not caring that takes him from no where near my list to the top spot.

For those of you who don’t know, Hoboken is in New Jersey and pretty much NJ’s closest point to Manhattan. And yes, it has the word Hobo in it. That’s just NJ’s weird names for ya. But I totally agree. I love his phony accent. I love his abs.

Seriously, those scenes in Crazy Stupid Love he did with Emma Stone – better than porn.

I love his edge, his authenticity and simplicity, and his choice in movies, which are getting better and better (The Notebook is not my style, too gushy mushy. But Drive has a Mustang in it, so I’m all: check!). I added pretty much all his movies – including The Notebook, I’ll have to see about that – to my IMDb Watchlist. And now he is on the top of my top 5 freebie list.

Ryan, dude, if you’re ever in the neighbourhood, you know… call me.


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