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Sex-ed for everyone!

I found this website a while back (don’t remember how, probably over feminism – wait guys, keep reading!) and hesitated if I wanted to post it or not, worried about the image it might reflect on me. But this week I thought: that’s just it. The image people get about women who talk about sex … Continue reading

Vintage sexism

I found the following book via Feministing, via My Blahg. It’s called “I’m Glad I’m a Boy! I’m Glad I’m a Girl!” and is from the 50’s. From a simpler time. From an age where young girls and boys knew exactly where they were heading, because someone was always there to tell them who to … Continue reading

Feminist link orgy

Whew, that might get me some interesting Google searches… Anyway, the point of this post is: I am bored out of my mind right now. I would love to write something meaningful and witty and whatnot, but my mind has been completely numbed by the lack of purposeful things to do. Who knew I would … Continue reading