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On my totally awesome trip to the east coast: the preparations

Several of my friends hab planned a vacation to the US this year, which made me jealous. I realized it has been 9 (!) years since I set foot in my birth country, and I missed it. The main reasons for staying away so long were a) my mom got freaked of flying there after … Continue reading


Day 15 – this is the end

We had booked our vacation for two weeks, but since we left very early and came back late, that gave us a day more. On our last day the beginning was the same as all the others: The BF got up, washed and dressed, than I got up washed and dressed, then we went to … Continue reading


Day 14 – last day at the beach

Today is Saturday, our last full day on Crete. It is clear to us we need to make the max of it – which means hanging out at the beach and not straining ourselves one bit. The only problem is: do we spend one last time at our beloved clean and calm River beach, or … Continue reading