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t.i.l.t. #11 – the being thankful edition

Three things I realized over the course of rereading all my entries this sunday: one, I wasn’t going to keep the promise I made the day before (but I’m making up for that now) and two, I left a huge gap in my posts. I hadn’t written once about my job at the hospital I’ve … Continue reading


t.i.l.t. #10 – the pleasure post edition

I realise I left you hanging at a pretty bad spot in my line of posts about work – think of it as a cliff hanger before summer break! – but I promise I will update and fill the blanks ’til present. Meanwhile, I got another idea I wanted to post about and how fitting … Continue reading


t.i.l.t. #9 – jumbled edition

As you will be able to tell by the content of some of the following points, these things that have made me smile have been collected over the past several months and might not fit the current season. Now that I have a healthier job, which has also influenced my free time in a positive … Continue reading