State of the nation

My mom decided to come a week earlier than planned – announced this on friday, that she was coming sunday to stay for a week. Then she’s driving down to switzerland, to pick up my little sister, to then drive back up (no, that’s not a lot of kilometers to her. It’s perfectly normal) to stay another week. In my tiny one-room appartment. And then she wonders why I don’t want to drive back with them to stay a week-end in Paris. FREEDOM, mom, that’s why.

Anywho, that means I’ll be having a hard time getting some peace and quiet, let alone be able to write meaningful posts. I’m sorry. But I bet I’ll have a lot to talk about after this whole thing. For instance, Halloween is coming up on Friday. Can’t wait. I’ll be starting preparations on Thursday – my mom already brought back some very useful decoration. And then there are the jack-o-lanterns, of course, and the icky scary food. Fun!

Oh and by the way, I’m typing this while wearing the Obama t-shirt my big sister sent me. JUST ONE MORE WEEK, PEOPLE!


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